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Blood Samples

The PMP Simulation

Embrace Challenge. Support One Another.

PMP offers the rare opportunity for students to lead a simulation alongside their peers. 
By building a supportive and educational environment inside the simulation room, the peer-led sim is a unique experience that is beneficial for both observers and role-players. PMP simulation allows attendees to observe their fellow senior students work through a challenging patient scenario.

PMP Simulation: Syllabus

Why Join the Simulation Crew?

Dynamic Leadership Experience

The PMP Simulation crew assists with the preparation, planning, and execution of sim. As a part of the crew, you will collaborate with faculty, attend meetings for simulation day-planning, take part in promotion of sim, and help host the event itself. 

The PMP Simulation crew is always looking for input on what the next simulation should include. Joining the crew is an excellent way to provide input on what skills, pathologies, and student experiences you would like to see in the next peer-led simulation.


If you want to participate in the PMP simulation crew but are too busy, that is okay! Simply attending the PMP simulation event is a great way to show your support for your fellow peers.

Semester 5 and 6 students who participate in PMP simulation receive letters of acknowledgement from participating faculty.  

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