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Peer Mentorship Program

A Community of Passionate Nursing Students

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About the Peer Mentorship Program

Our vision statement is as follows:

PMP enriches the academic experience by fostering a social support network through mentorship.  

We aspire to encourage student connection and camaraderie and facilitate a community of support and engagement.  

We hope to promote personal and professional growth with the development of student leaders.

This website is currently under construction, and will hopefully become a useful tool for all members of our nursing community. With its use, we plan to improve outreach and engagement. PMP is constantly evolving!

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Why Join the Peer Mentorship Program?

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Teamwork is key.

Nursing students who work together, thrive together.

The Peer Mentorship Program is a way in which nursing students from all semesters can connect, share stories, and support one another throughout a challenging education.

These connections will become invaluable to many students' success in the BSN program. Joining the PMP community provides access to the wealth of knowledge and experience of senior students and opens the door to new friendships and opportunities. 

The benefits of mentorship are evidenced-based. 

Mentoring and being mentored help develop leadership skills.

Leadership is integral to nursing practice. Joining PMP and attending sessions allows students to lead sessions and hone their communication skills. The wide variety of sessions and activities that PMP helps to host grants students to focus on what subject they value the most, whether it is self-care and counseling, or pharmacology and clinical preparation. If politics are your thing, senior students can mentor you in political activism and nursing organizations, attend conferences, and more.

Bring your fresh ideas and connections forward to PMP and be recognized for your hard work and innovation, and brush up on those leadership skills!

No upcoming events at the moment
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